I woke this morning, first day back at work after my holiday with that dread of oh no work again. I really don’t want to go.

Hey but then I remembered “This is it, this is when I start to make positive changes”

So I went into work with a positive happy attitude, and things were different.

I work in an office where there is an older lady who has worked for the company for many years. She is well past retirement age and is a real matriarch, not as capable now and I have to cover her mistakes but at the same time she refuses to let me make any office decisions. I realise it’s because  she is losing her confidence so I usually just sit back and let it go. I am a very laid back person.

But today I felt different, I felt worthy I guess. So we had an office meeting and I spoke up for once, told them my ideas and they listened and took them on board and asked ME, yes ME to report back to them, not through the usual channel.

Wow did I feel good when I came out of the meeting. See, you just have to believe.

OK so it’s a small change but its a change for the better.

Now to order the book I have been told to read “The secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I am to believe it will change my life.

Can’t wait to start reading it, and I love this more confident me 🙂

Today’s header photo was taken at the beautiful Bondi Beach Ausralia

Author: Faith

I am a woman, a friend, a believer, and a dreamer, but one thing I will be always and forever is a mother

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