My Promise to you……

I did promise to share the bad times as well as the good. Unfortunately after picking up flu on my way back from New York I have felt too ill to do anything. Really hard to keep the positive thoughts going when you’re laying in bed with a fever.

But….. I am a cup half full sort of person , now I am starting to feel better but still not well enough for work, I can sit and work on my blog. Hence the New York page.

I just need to get the brain believing again that I can change things and focus on what I want. I know as each day I feel better this will happen.

I have also had time to have a look at apartments for sale in Spain, my dream for at least 6 months of the year. Now I can picture my new home and make it feel real.

So the flu, first time i have had it since I was a child, has set me back a little in my positive thinking but at the same time given me some much-needed time to get this blog up and running.

Next blog will be POSITIVEp1040566-2_li


Author: Faith

I am a woman, a friend, a believer, and a dreamer, but one thing I will be always and forever is a mother

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