24 hrs in Singapore – Part 1 -Because even check-in is an adventure in my shoes

I am so excited. The day has finally arrived. I cannot believe it, I really cannot believe it.

I am off to Australia to see my darling daughter .Yet again she has me flying across the seas to another continent, just to share a hug, a chat and a cup of tea. It’s my fault really, I have encouraged her to fly the nest and seek adventure. I guess it’s always been in me to do the same I just didn’t have the opportunity, so now I can follow her around the globe. As far as my parents were concerned going away to train as a nurse was a ridiculous idea, hence the nice safe accounting job. But it’s never too late to follow your dreams, so here I am.

We are off 🙂 We arrive at Heathrow Airport, bags checked in, just security to go through, I am ready for the alarm and consequential search, what is it that sets it off? I am no bionic woman! But I’m through this time for a change. I move to pick up my hand luggage, that’s when I see it, Whoosh my bag is suddenly out  of my grasp and heading into the hands of the rather scary looking security woman.check-in-2

Uh Oh, I immediately feel and look guilty, I’m sure I didn’t accidentally pack any explosives, drugs or such did I?  Not a time for joking. “Have you packed a corkscrew in your bag madam?” Now I do like the odd glass of wine or  two but “no” I tell her “no wine or corkscrew” delivered with a smile and possibly a note of sarcasm. Honestly, who would be stupid enough to do that? I guess the occasional dumb blond…….

Well something is showing in your bag madam, we will need to scan it again.. So off goes my bag again out of reach. As I stand there rather smugly imagining the apology that will soon be coming my way I remember……..Oh God!  Remember that I usually pack my make-up bag in the suitcase that goes in the hold, but this time as it is only a short stop over in Singapore it is in this bag that is now being scrutinised by 3 security staff. And what essential does every girl carry in her make-up bag? Well a corkscrew of course! ( That is if you travel to Spain a lot)

OK time to admit it.” Ahem, excuse me, I think I might possibly have packed one by mistake”. Well it wasn’t just a corkscrew was it, more like a Swiss army knife. Oh this is going to take some explaining. But I must have caught her on a good day, as she inspects it and peers at me over her glasses, she says Oh that’s OK madam, you can go now, and places the offending item back in my hand.

I’m not sure of the appropriate reply or why she has given it back to me, so I quickly pack it back in my bag and I’m through! The Singapore Airlines plane is on time. A few hours later we are sat seat belts  buckled, ready for take -off. We have a 13 hour flight to Singapore ahead of us, a 24hr stopover in Singapore and then an 8 hour flight to Sydney. This traveling malarkey is such fun.

Part 2 – Singapore – To Follow